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Merino wool is a brilliant yarn

Merino wool wears well, it doesn’t pill and it washes very well

With an estimate 78 million merino sheep in Australia, 34 million merino sheep is New Zealand and 140 million merino sheep in China, there over 250 million merino sheep world wide which makes their wool a lot more readily available. The fineness of Needle’s merino wool gives our knitwear lustre and super soft handle and the crimp of the fibre gives comfort and beautiful fit all whilst keeping us warm when cold and cool when its hot.  Hence we like to use merino wool for both our winter and summer knitwear ranges because it is so wearable and blends beautifully with silk or can be knitted to be super fine weight in a lace hole stitch.  Merino wool’s versatility makes it easy to work with but mostly importantly easy for day-to-day wearing and washes beautifully.

The mill where we source our merino wool from is strong on sustainability, from responsible farming, alternative energy sources and water purification without chemicals.  From fleece to finish product we feel confident our merino wool is one of the best.

Merino Wool Knitwear