Needle It

Its all in the detail

Our designers focus on quality, on appearance, and on style. Needle knitwear is different we take the simplicity of wool and create fabulous, stylish collections that are timeless for you.

Today, wool, cashmere, silk, linen and cotton are widely available, but there are different qualities, different handles, different lustres, and different softness of touch, different colours.  Needle strive to deliver a luxurious take on beautifully designed knitwear for all seasons.

With a true international sourcing strategy, we guarantee that we can get the best raw materials from around the globe.

  • our merino wool is from Australia and New Zealand
  • our cashmere is from Mongolia and China
  • our Silk is from India
  • our cotton from Egypt and America
  • our Linen from Europe

Some interesting facts about the world of wool

  • There are 1.1 billion sheep in the World
  • 78 million merino sheep in Australia, 34 million merino sheep in New Zealand, and 140 million in China
  • A merino sheep’s fleece will weigh approximately 4k, which will give approximately 3 kilos of clean wool. This will knit approximately 9 to 10 jumpers at 300 grammes/jumper, or weave 7 metres of worsted cloth at 400 grammes/metre.
  • The Saxony Merino is a smaller breed introduced to Australia in 1822, which will produce 2.5 to 3 kilos of wool, enough for 6 jumpers, or 5 metres of cloth.
  • There are approximately 150 million Cashmere goats in the world, so supply and demand indicates why cashmere is more expensive than merino wool.
  • It is estimated that on average yearly production per goat is 1.5kg per year.

Needle Boutique, the home of ladies designer knitwear – this season’s fashion trends and luxury cashmere jumpers.

Cashmere has long been the knitwear choice of the luxury boutiques, setting itself above merino and lambswool for quality, warmth and style. Here at Needle Boutique, we have our own range of flawless cashmere jumpers and the latest fashion knitwear.


The finest merino wool, for the finest, most stylish knitwear has taken centuries to grow and to perfect.


Cashmere is the finest & softest to touch.


For a smooth subtle appearance with a delicate finish.


Provides exceptional coolness and freshness in hot weather.


Cotton knitwear is cool and breathable.

Needle natural fibres are the best, the highest quality, the most beautiful natural fibres that can be grown, carded, spun in to attractive yarns, and knitted in to luxurious, elegant knitwear.