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Bringing knitwear to life through images

  • 20 May 2014

As everyone thinks about the Summer and is beginning to enjoy this lovely weather, last week I went to recce a location for our next spring summer’s collection, yes spring summer 2015!!  With every new collection, we do a lifestyle photo shoot which helps bring our knitwear to life.  The photo shoots  have been one of my favourite projects on the Needle journey this far (we have done three location photo shoots and we are just planning the fourth.)  Mostly because I get to spend 2 or 3 days on location with a great group of people, and it’s a nice change to be working in a team for a change.  We have partnered with the lovely Sean Knott as our photographer whom we met back in October 2012 and he has produced all of our beautiful images…

Sean took on the challenge of giving our knitwear a story that would excite you.  It is no easy challenge and our initial brief was along the lines of:

Please can you create:

  • Awesome eye-catching images
  • Using cool models
  • Nothing to twee
  • Whilst at the same time, the most important part was to keep the knitwear the focus…

Not the easiest of tasks and ultimately it meant understanding what Ems and I envisaged without any images at all!!  Sean took all of this on board and voila we have awesome images and the knitwear suddenly came to life!

As glamorous as it sounds ‘doing a photo shoot’ there is a lot of work that goes into a photo shoot..  Creating the product range, making sure the colour palette works and then the minor issue that the samples arrive on time, selecting models – basically a bit like X- Factor selection process, hair and make up, styling, location… decisions all based on a bit of imagination!!

So far we have shot at Langsett reservoir in South Yorkshire where we had to wait 3 hours for the snow to stop falling before we could start anything, Sawley Estate in North Yorkshire – where Sean donned the too small wadders to get one shot!!  Wells-next-the-sea in Norfolk – a beautiful golden sandy beach but the sea fret stopped us  from getting onto the beach  on the first day until 4pm!! Typically everyone else in the country was enjoying the sunshine!! Our latest winter shoot was at an amazing location house in Greenwich right next to the Thames.

Last week we returned to Norfolk  to checkout the location for our SS15 photo shoot… essentially a Shack in the middle of nowhere by the sea..  Very cool but very surreal. We could have been in America!

Then there are the models, an easy task you think to pick people who will represent your brand….at this point I must say, do not underestimate the skill of a good model. I definitely did!  And so we have had the pleasure of working with 8 amazing, talented models who are all beautiful.  Karin has flown in from Italy twice with her baby boy and husband in tow, Maddie, Alice, Sophie, Nikki, Rachel, Josephine and Ewelina.  Each bringing something new and interesting to the table and making our knitwear more exciting and dynamic

And so in mid June we pack our bags, I fill my car with cake and head off for a few days adventure in the Shack!!

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Needle SS14 shoot: seeking inspiration

  • 1 Jul 2013

In one of her books, American author Justina Chen said: “When the creative impulse sweeps over you, grab it. You grab it and honour it and use it, because momentum is a rare gift.”

At the moment, we’re looking for inspiration for our SS14 photo shoot. Things are getting more refined now and we’re delighted. Here’s where our head’s at currently:

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Cast adrift: finding the faces of Needle SS14

  • 19 Jun 2013

Last week, we held a casting session to find the women we feel would best represent the brand for SS14. Sounds easy? Like being a judge in a pageant?

Maybe that would be the case if we could just throw down some simple criteria to start with. If we could turn up with the objective of finding a 5”6’ brunette with freckles, we would’ve been home and internet shopping in front of the TV far sooner.

The truth is that we don’t know what we want until we see it.

It’s about the charisma that comes across on camera and whether it truly compliments the brand. And when it comes to finding that perfectly pictured persona, we’re just as nervous about getting it right as those gorgeous models who stopped down.

We can only hope that we’re going to find the women who evoke what Needle is all about. The quality and choice available often means you can be sifting through shots for ages.


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