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  • 27 Jan 2016

Although it’s nearing the end of January and boy does it drag, short days, flipping wet weather and yes the annual cliché of trying to shed a few excess pounds or just trying to make yourself feel better with starting the year healthily. It has to be said at Needle HQ we have been attempting to stay on that same old bandwagon. I am trying to eat healthily, drink less and work out regularly but it is hard to stay motivated.

Often I find myself ready to go in my favourite patterned sport leggings (I’m loving this trend) with a super soft cosy knitI, I do the school run, maybe go for a coffee and a catch up with a friend and before I know it I’ve missed my opportunity to do some exercise, but do you know what – I feel heathier in my sports gear, it’s just unfortunate that I don’t manage to do any but hey ho, at least I look the part!!

I mentioned this to Lizzie who knew exactly where I was coming from…. Sportswear, gymwear, activewear, sports luxe, leisure wear…. there are so many words to describe the look, it is a trend that comes round each season and it’s so easy to throw on and it deceives me into thinking that I am being healthy!! I love nothing more than throwing on a chunky knit with a pair of leggings and trainers.

The problem is I need to do more than just wear the clothes, I need to do more exercise, so I have dusted down my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD and it’s brilliant. It’s so simple, it’s made up of three 6 minute circuits (3 minutes of strength work, 2 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of abs) plus a short warm up and cool down. Don’t get me wrong it is pretty hard as you are working you’re whole body throughout the work out, but it’s over and done in 22 minutes. I know Jillian says the idea is to do it every day, but even doing it just twice a week and I’m noticing a difference, I can highly recommend it!

I’m sure there are lots of other great work outs out there that offer short sharp workouts, in fact after singing Jillian Michaels praises, one friend told me to try Davina: 5 week fit which is based on 4 high intensity seven minute workouts and another friend suggested Fitness Blender ( that has loads of different types of workouts of various lengths that you can pick and choose from with videos. So I’ve got a few to try once I get bored of Jillian!
I hope you’re having a great January

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  • 14 Jan 2016

Each year we make resolutions but life seems to catch up with us and last year our resolution to keep up with the blog petered off fairly quickly, so with an expanded team (I joined) we are making the resolution again this year and are committing to the blog and aiming to post a couple of times a month. Our aim is to give you snippets of what is going on behind the scenes with Needle and also what we are loving at the moment, so not just all about knitwear although it won’t go unmentioned but lifestyle, food, beauty, travel and interiors.

The Team

To introduce ourselves, we are a team of 3 and we all bring different characteristics to the table…

Lizzie is our esteemed leader and MD of Needle, it was her brainwave to start a fabulous knitwear brand that offers luxury classic knitwear but with a contemporary edge providing stylish, flattering and basically just gorgeous jumpers that you really want to wear! Lizzie is a Yorkshire girl, is 29, got married last year and has just bought her first house in Harrogate; she loves baking & cooking in general, chocolate, coffee and clothes as well as Sunday brunches (a real foodie), walks/ exercise in general and hanging out with her husband, family and friends. Lizzie used to work in London at LK Bennett as the knitwear product developer and that is where she met the brilliant Emma….

Emma is the creative genius behind Needle, having met Lizzie at LK Bennett where she was the knitwear designer. Emma lives in Buckinghamshire with her Italian husband and gorgeous little boy, Arlo, who is such a cutie. Emma designs our beautiful collections each season, coming up with new ideas, turning Lizzie’s thoughts into designs and just being a general super creative person! Emma loves renovating houses, interiors, photography and spending time at home with her family and friends. Emma is Needle’s chief photographer of behind the scenes and ace-ing the flat lay images but you will rarely see her in front of the camera, she is truly camera shy so every now and again we will try to get a sneaky shot of her but there won’t be many!!

That’s me! I joined Needle in February 2015; with the brand growing, Lizzie needed someone at Needle HQ who could handle the online sales, manage the office when she was away and be her assistant. So what can I tell you about me, well I am a Jersey girl who married a Yorkshire man, moved North and I absolutely love it. I have 2 children (Minnie & Olly) who are sports mad, so most weeks consist of standing on the side of a hockey pitch, netball court, rugby pitch or cricket ground depending on the season! I also teach swimming in my spare time and try to keep fit as much as possible, although I’m not as dedicated to that as I should be! I love clothes, I love shopping, I love food, I love spending time with my family and friends, obviously not all in that order but all in all I’m sure I’m pretty similar to so many women out there!


We all have one thing in common in that we love clothes, but we do each have our own individual style. To sum it up:

Lizzie – English rose, classic with a contemporary twist, just like Needle

Emma – A casual dresser, relaxed lux staples that are comfortable but stylish. Clothes that feel nice to wear and look simple.

Jo – More fashion led but still with a classic modern style.

So that is pretty much a short sharp sweet introduction to us at Needle, we love to get to know our customers, so we’d love to hear from you at any time whether it’s with feedback or suggestions or just to say hi and we’ll be posting again very soon.


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