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  • 28 Feb 2013

boutique_knitwearA former knitwear product developer from LK Bennett is launching her own range for AW13. Created by Lizzie Cawthray, Needle specialises in “beautiful, wearable knitwear with a contemporary edge.”

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Eat, Pray, Knit.

  • 5 Feb 2013

Julia Roberts had the right idea in ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ – everyone should spend time in Italy. Unlike the beautiful Ms. Roberts though, we believe there’s more to the boot-shaped country than simply enjoying meal after meal of gnocchi or ravioli. Here are some of the reasons why we have LOVED working alongside the Italian fashion industry and why we trust it with our AW13 knit range:

  • Italy is synonymous with fashion; well thought out, on-trend outfits are like the national costume. We’re honoured that it’s now also the birthplace of our range, meaning that the range has been produced by a nation as drawn to beautiful clothing as Brits are drawn to the latest Harry Styles scandal.
  •  Our manufacturers have always given the range as much time, care and attention as we have – it’s been an absolute pleasure working with the team, especially as they continue to produce beautiful sample after beautiful sample.
  • The shape and feel of each garment is incredibly important to us; texture is king at Needle HQ.  We know plenty about yarn and how to produce the perfect knit, but even the manufacturing masterminds in Italy have taught us a thing or two. Each garment is borne from beautiful design and the latest, precision engineering – something like the latest Audi perhaps, but much more wearable.
  • One of the best parts of having a professional relationship in Italy is the fact that each business meeting is based in…that’s right, Italy. Although we’re far too passionate about our range to take our eyes of quality control, colour matching etc. there’s always time for a chianti at lunch, maybe looking out on to a piazza as the well-groomed Italian gentlemen breeze past. Certainly beats a rushed cheese and pickle sandwich at our desks, anyway.
  • The factory we’re using only produces garments using yarns from Italian mills – almost living up to the stereotypes, we always get a sense that our wool supplier and manufacturer treat each other like extended parts of their big Italian families. They have an excellent understanding of each other – it’s made so many different aspects of the production process run like a dream.
  • Although the factory and the mill can communicate with the greatest of ease, we’ve hit a few hurdles ourselves: beyond ‘Bonjourno’ and ‘lasagne’ (both absolutely critical basics, I’m sure you’ll agree) our knowledge of the language is minimal. Luckily, despite the fact that there’s only one English-speaker at the factory, they have no problem understanding what we want. They really are as passionate about knitwear as we are, and that transcends anything we could awkwardly muster from our phrasebook.

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