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How it all began

  • 18 Feb 2014

With an entrepreneur for a father I guess I always thought I’d end up running my own business, although a fashion business was far from my original plan. I wanted to run my own restaurant – l love to cook and go off into my own world when I’m in the kitchen. But after doing a degree in Hospitality and Retail, I decided the retail side was much more my thing. Now I keep cooking and baking as a much-loved hobby and secret tactic for keeping my team happy on photo shoots… there’s a lot you can achieve in exchange for a brownie or two!

After uni, I applied for internships with fashion companies.

LK Bennett was the one to give me my lucky break in the industry, and after four months as an intern I was given a six-month contract and finally a full-time role as knitwear product developer.

I knew little about knitwear at the start but l learnt very quickly with the support of Emma, who is now our Needle designer. She taught me that knitwear is hugely versatile and showed me how many beautiful designs can be created from something as simple as wool. Emma kick-started my love for knitwear, which snowballed into our super two-man Needle team!

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